Serail Project in Beirut - Siemma

Power Steel has developed a façade retention system for rehabilitation of old buildings. The advantage of this system that it can be reused as ordinary formwork for proping concrete slabs.

The basic elements are the followings :
1. Scaffold double props with diagonal reinforcement.
2. Tube connectors.
3. Cross bracing.
4. Inside joint.
5. Facade tie.

One of the executed projects in Lebanon : "The rehabilitation of the Grand Serial".
Old façades sand stone walls 17 to 20m high were to be conserved and interior slabs to be demolished without producing any damages to the façades.
A steel scaffolding was mounted all over the elevations and sand stone walls were tied to it. Concrete counterweights were installed on the scaffolding base to eliminate any probable overturning from wind pressure or nearby explosive effects.

Briefly, façade retention system can be used for elevations up to 17m high resisting a wind pressure of 100kg/m².