Building types  
Beams ans Column (BC)  
The Beam-and-Column system is ideal in situations when a vast area of floor space necessary. The flexibility of the Beam and Column design allows it to de utilized for any industrial or warehouse purpose.
Straight Column (SC)  
Straight Column systems are utilized when a clear interior space up to seventy feet wide is needed. The column-free interior allows the total amount of floor space to be put to use. This design is often in small offices or other commercial applications.
Frame (F)  
The clear, unobstructed working space that the Frame system provides makes it ideal for many commercial and recreationnal applications. The wide, column-free environment permits the complete utilization of the interior floor space. Recreational rooms, aircraft hangers, and warehouse are often designed as rigid frame system due the interference or inconvenience of interior columns.
Lean-To (LT)  
Selecting a Lean-To system is a quick and economical way to expand to a building. More space can be added to the building without interrupting the internal operations. This easy method of expnsion makes the Lean-To system ideal for additional storage and office buildings.